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If a member of our staff has left a lasting impression on you or your loved one, please leave them a note of encouragement below.

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HUGE Thanks to Jenifer Thompson for making my life and my mother’s so much easier. You have been our rock during these hard times. We will always be grateful to you.

- Jo

Thank you ACTIVITIES! My mom looks forward to all the incredible things you do everyday.

- Maverick

Thanks so much to Michael for taking care of my maintenance needs during these trying times. He and the rest of the staff at the Rochester Hills Independent Living Community help us to deal with this lockdown every day. Bless you Michael, and thank you from all of us.

- Earlene Schreiner and family

Thank you to Kurt and Jessica in the Activities Department for all you guys do. You both rock!!! 🙂

- Renee

The entire staff needs to be complemented on the continuous service they provide residents daily in their respective positions.
The food service is doing an excellent job serving a variety of meals by servers who are doing a difficult job with positive attitudes going door to door to serve us.
The building maintenance men Steve and Michael both perform their duties in a responsible manner. Steve helped me when I first moved here. Michael has assisted me in a variety of ways and continues to perform tasks I am unable to complete myself. THANKS TO ALL!!!

- Rose

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