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Our Team

Melanie Dex


Melanie has been with the Pomeroy Family for 9 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, where she worked for over 15 years in the construction industry as a Project Coordinator helping others to create the homes of their dreams.  In 2010, she changed careers which took her to the Children’s Hospital, and behavioral health within the medical field. This is where Melanie wanted to be part of a change and help others.  She joined Pomeroy Living in 2012 working in the Skilled Rehabilitation Facility in Rochester. For 9 years she continued to grow and gained knowledge and experience while working different roles. Prior to becoming a director for the independent community, she was an Administrator in Training at our Skilled Rehabilitation community. Melanie has a passion for creating a lifestyle that best fits our seniors. She wants to ensure that they have the best quality of life. She believes that our seniors should be able to do the things they love when they choose to. Melanie enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling when she can. She loves being a part of the Pomeroy Living Family.

Mackenzie Peterson

Sales and Marketing Director

Beginning as a receptionist with the Pomeroy company, Mackenzie then began to learn and love the passion she had for creating an environment for our seniors to live in. Home is a feeling and Mackenzie is passionate about dedicating her time to impact the lives of many of our loved ones. Mackenzie joined Pomeroy Living in September of 2018 but has come on as the Sales and Marketing director of Rochester Independent in September of 2020. During Mackenzie’s free time, she enjoys the outdoors and spends her time camping or hiking. Just like her passion for seniors, she has a passion for adventure.

Julie Turnes

Life Enrichment Director

Julie Turnes was born in Detroit, MI. She was raised by her parents Thomas and Patricia Edgeworth and is one of 5 siblings. Julie has three sisters, and one brother. Julie has been married to her loving husband, John, for 26 years but does not have any children. Rather, they have adopted two female cats. 

Julie has been in the property management industry for approximately 9 years and then transitioned into the senior living field. She has over 23 years’ experience in the Senior living industry and is currently working as a Director of Activities for Independent seniors. She likes to find what their passion for life is and give them a sense of purpose.

Julie enjoys hiking, swimming, biking, exercising, kayaking, and traveling to the Caribbean Islands with her husband and friends.  She is very enthusiastic, loves to make others laugh and, overall, just loves to have fun. Julie feels blessed each day that the Lord has given her the chance to give back to others to enjoy life to its fullest. 

Becky Mathews

Housekeeping Supervisor

Before finding a passion in housekeeping, Becky had started out her career as a caregiver for the senior population over 18 years ago. She has a passion for making our residents  happy in their home environment and she goes over and beyond to exceed her goal. Becky has been with Pomeroy Rochester since 2016 and is the housekeeping supervisor. In this role, she has gained the experience and knowledge after being a manager in the housekeeping industry for almost 18 years. Becky is honored to be apart of the Pomeroy family and plans to retire with the company when the time comes. On her down time, Becky enjoys many extracurricular activities such as shopping, exercising, and camping. She is also a big decorator and loves animals. If she had to pick one , her favorite animal would be dogs.

Jeff Cooper

Director of Maintenance

Jeff grew up in Buck Creek, Indiana; a small farming community outside Layfayette. Having grown up on a farm, Jeff learned early how to fix things with his hands. To this day he finds satisfaction in figuring out how to mend things. Additionally he enjoys the outdoors, BBQing, fishing, birdwatching, hiking and camping near water. Jeff’s love for travel and learning new cultures and foods has taken him to 47 of the 50 states in the U.S. His travels outside the U.S. have included Mexico (five times) and Canada, three times. Although he worked as a Maintenance Director for 24 years, he felt a career in the health care field would provide more be more rewarding and offer more job security. And this is what brought Jeff to Pomeroy Living for employment. Jeff says, “the thing I love most about my job here at Pomeroy is to make the residents smile after I fix something that is important to them or makes them feel more safe and comfortable”.

Lori Barrett

Lead Receptionist

Lori joined the Pomeroy family as Lead Receptionist bringing with her a background of Sales and Administrative support experience.  Her background has taught her how to multi-task and to always consider what might be next.  Lori enjoys working with the Senior population and looks forward to growing her career with Pomeroy.  When Lori is not at work, you will find her traveling, boating the Great Lakes or enjoying Northern Michigan. 

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