Exceptional Dining is Essential

At Pomeroy Living, we believe that an exceptional dining experience is essential to our residents’ physical and emotional well being.

Good food is not only vital to feed our bodies the right nutrition at the right time, but to feed our enjoyment of life. Furthermore, the dining experience is important to fostering our friendships and our sense of community. Our award-winning meals are prepared daily by our chefs with only the freshest ingredients. Our restaurant style table seating and menu choices allow residents to select from a variety of healthy favorites and daily specials to complete the restaurant experience. Beer and wine are also available at lunch and dinner for those that enjoy an alcoholic beverage with their meals. The relaxed and comfortable setting creates a welcoming and enjoyable environment that encourages social interaction.

Snacks and beverages are always available throughout the day to alleviate mid-meal cravings and encourage hydration. And a weekly Happy Hour is a wonderful way to socialize and meet new friends.

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