At Pomeroy Living, the care and health of our team members and those we serve, in our buildings, is our highest priority.

We understand you may have questions regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the prevention and preparedness steps that we are taking.


Q: How is Pomeroy Living dealing with the Coronavirus/COVID-19?
A. Pomeroy Living has a long-standing history of caring for seniors and managing health concerns. At the present time, we are actively following our established protocols for infection control in our senior living communities, continually training on these protocols and staying nimble to adjust as needed should new prevention and containment measures be identified.


COVID-19 Actions:


Q: When will I be able to visit my loved one?
A. For the safety of our residents, Pomeroy Living has implemented a “No Visitors” policy and restricted access to all our buildings, for all visitors effective 3/13/2020.  This restriction will remain in place until further notice. We encourage family and friends to continue communicating with their loved ones by phone, text, email and video chat.

Update: We are currently following the Michigan Safe Start Map and awaiting approval to allow in person visitation, when it is safe to do so. We are currently at a Risk Level E for all counties and need to be at a Level D or lower to allow in person visitation. Please follow the link below for further information:


Q: How will I know if there is an occurrence of COVID-19 in a Pomeroy Living community?
A. We are committed to communicating any incidence of the virus in our communities. We will notify our team members, those we serve and their families. We will also post notices at our building entrances if there are widespread respiratory illnesses.


Q: Do you have adequate staff and equipment to care for my loved one if there is an outbreak of COVID-19?
A. At this time, we have the appropriate supplies to care for those we serve, and we have strategies in place should this become an issue of concern. We have the experience of knowing how to designate a dedicated group of caregivers to care for those who are ill – ensuring both adequate protective wear and consistency of care for the comfort of those we’re serving.


As a health care agency, Pomeroy Living will continue to follow the guidance of Federal, State and local health authorities.

We encourage you to refer to these trusted resources for the most recent official updates on COVID-19:


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