The Beacon of Light program: Lighting the way to a more fulfilling life

The goal of the Beacon of Light program is to provide our residents with the opportunities to continue living a rich and engaging life. A diverse set of individual and group activities are offered to suit a variety of personalities with differing interests and goals, all in a safe and secure environment. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a constantly evolving program designed to assist our residents in maximizing their participation in life at a level that is focused and relevant to their abilities. The Beacon of Light program is based on six elements of engagement:

  • Physical Engagement – Maintaining a level of fitness, strength, flexibility and balance helps to slow the aging process and keep our residents feeling the healthiest and happiest they can be. Numerous types of physical programs are offered to suit the individual interests of our residents, such as Yoga, Physiofit, Zumba, chair aerobics, and stretching. Our Physical Fitness room is also always available to residents wanting to take advantage of our recumbent bikes, plyometric bands, and dumbbells.
  • Spiritual Engagement – Nurturing our spiritual connection, whatever that may be, is important for our continued feeling of well-being and engagement. Weekly services of various denominations are available in our chapel, and further opportunities for reflection are offered through various study and prayer groups.
  • Community Connections – We believe that retaining our connection to our greater community is vital to our sense of social engagement. Pomeroy Living regularly hosts lecture series, seminars, cooking classes and other community-sponsored events that bring a breath of fresh air into our living spaces and encourage interaction between our residents and the ebb and flow of life outside our four walls. We also regularly host various types of family night gatherings and parties to provide a welcoming environment to not only our residents, but their loved ones as well.
  • Continuing Education – Continued growth and mastery is important for our feeling of purpose and engagement in life. We offer a variety of classes and discussion groups to suit individual interests such as woodworking, painting, poetry, book clubs, and journaling.
  • Lifestyle – Removing the daily maintenance tasks from the lives of our residents, we aim to provide a life that is rich on meaningful experiences and low on burdensome chores. From our housekeeping to our fine dining meal preparation, we reduce the barriers to our residents living a full and independent life.
  • Leisure – Rounding out our Beacon of Light program, no life is complete without rest and relaxation. Parties, card games, musical entertainment, massages, and outings is a small sampling of the events Pomeroy Living organizes to make sure that our residents don’t just live, but thrive and enjoy life to the fullest.

Connecting through these six elements, our trained hospitality staff and caregivers are present to help residents make the most of each day. We’ll be there as much as you need us.

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